Jazz At De Tour- Jazz At Krakow Airport

We are people who can’t decide what we love more – playing instruments or traveling, so we decided to combine these two things together. And so we landed at Krakow Airport: https://krakow.wiki/krakow-airport/, in order to visit one of the biggest festivals in Poland!

Since our second hobby is sightseeing, every now and then we are in a different place, which always differs in culture, views, people and often the language! Well, although we try to get as much as we can from other nationalities, we don’t speak all the languages of this world, so we use this super international way of communication, which is music! It doesn’t matter where you’re from – if the music reaches you, we’ll always get along. We want to share our passion with others and learn about other cultures at the same time. Isn’t it true music brings people together? We have no doubts, so no matter how far our destination is, rain or shine, we travel on and share our music with you.

Summer Jazz Festival Krakow

This is the main reason why we booked transport with KrakowDirect and found ourselves in the center of this magical city! Here you can hear music on every street, around every corner and in almost every restaurant. People are sharing their talents with passers-by and raising money for their development.  The Jazz Festival that takes place here is an international event. Here you can meet artists from all over the world and listen to their work live. No wonder we packed on a plane to be here.

The aroma of music, the sweetness of instruments and the smell of jazz

It’s a warm summer night, people are walking along the streets of the Old Town, the café gardens are bustling and jazz is in the air. It is like a scene from a movie. And all you need to do is come to Krakow at the right time.

The sounds of this wonderful music have been filling Krakow’s summers for a quarter of a century now. It all started back in 1996 by Witold Wnuk – together with the first Summer Jazz Festival in the Cellar under the Rams – and the tradition has grown so strong that the music is not silent even nowadays. The program of the 26th edition of the event firmly proves that jazz is still diverse, alive and flourishing. Nearly one hundred concerts will be held under the banner of the Summer Jazz Festival Krakow. Intimate clubs and unrestricted open-air venues, old masters and young virtuosos, a nod to tradition and a place for experimentation – in short, just jazz!

On a journey to Louisiana

Before we settle down for good in the royal city, on the first day of the festival we will move our thoughts to the world’s jazz capital. The program of the great celebration of traditional jazz – New Orleans Sunday – includes concerts in cafes on the Market Square, a parade and the main concert featuring Polish and American musicians on Plac Szczepanski.

The most awaited highlight of this year’s festival is the performance of the Branford Marsalis Quartet – the guests from the United States will perform in front of the Polish audience at the Kijów Cinema. The organizers have also made an effort and our favourite will perform! At the last moment a certain Nigel Kennedy joined the program of the event.

Palaces and museum

In special concerts will take part the best of the Polish jazz scene. Four intimate meetings with jazz will take place in the Potocki Palace. During the free concerts, we will hear duets of the pianist Dino Massa and the saxophonist Tomasz Grzegorski as well as the pianist Vladislav Sendecki and the drummer Jürgen Spiegel . Music lovers will be hosted twice by the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology. On the stage in Konopnicka street we will hear solo recitals of pianists.

Positive commotion

Traditionally, the largest number of concerts will be hosted by two club stages – Piwnica pod Baranami and Harris Piano Jazz Bar. Both venues have made an incredible impression on us. Everything was done with the artists in mind and with the clients in mind. Excellent service, musical setting and delicious snacks and a wide selection of drinks. Class and respect on a high level.

Is it the jazz that will attract the audience? “The festival has its reputation and supporters who are already calling and asking about concerts. I think the attendance will be good”. – so they write in the newspapers. Throughout July, in the neighboring tenement houses, one will hear world-class performers. Apart from Polish artists, there will also be guests from abroad.

Jazz Night – you won’t fall asleep that night!

It is worth remembering that during the Summer Jazz Festival Krakow, the traditional Jazz Night is also held – an undertaking organised as part of the Krakow Nights series. It was inaugurated in 2007 during the 750th anniversary of the founding of Krakow. During this special Night, different genres of jazz are presented by outstanding artists from around the world. The concerts take place in specialized venues selected to match the character of the musical events.


Main Square Krakow

Visiting Krakow

Being in this wonderful place we could not deny ourselves a professionally organized tour of Krakow by JTP Group. This company accompanied us both with transportation from the airport and sightseeing around the city. Professionalism is their second name. With a knowledgeable guide we went to see the most important corners and monuments in the city, as well as having a nice time walking around the local parks and sampling the local cuisine. We don’t know if you can spend your time better. As for us, everything was perfect and we will definitely come back here!

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