Who is Jazz At De Tour

Jazz At De Tour is a group of people trying to link music with adventure! We are folks that can not decide what we love more – playing instruments or travelling, that’s why we decided to connect these two together and this is how „Jazz At De Tour” came into being. However, it’s not all about jazz! We play also blues, smooth jazz, acid jazz, swing and so on. Since our second hobbly is sightseeing, every week we are in a different place that always differs in terms of cultures, views, people and often language! Well, though we try to learn as much as possible from other ntcionalities we do not speak every language of the world yet so we use this super-international way of communication which is music! We want to share our passion with others and learn other cultures in the same time. Isn’t that true music connect people? We have no doubt so regardles of how far our destination is, come rain or shine we keep travelling and sharing our music with you guys.